Statement - Vessels

These pieces come from the forested land of mist and rain, where ravens rule and bones wash up on beaches. Here bones and plant forms come to me and from them I am given inspiration.

I have always been fascinated with bones. They are forms which grow. Bones are given form by the forces of each individual life and support it, but their beauty is invisible until after death. They are the synthesis of life’s function and form, death’s architectural remains.

Vessels or boats are expressive of journey. Their forms are pod like, suggesting nature’s verdant growth. They float. They shape and are shaped by water - life’s principal ingredient. Plants are one of life’s most abundant forms and provide us with the nourishment to continue life. Combining bones and vessels becomes for me a Bone Journey, a symbol of our own journey through Nature and Time. Each of our journeys is one of life and death. These vessels are its echo.